Office Open XML Cruncher was invented with the goal in mind to give the office user a tool to optimize his available mail transfer quota as good as possible while keeping his office documents in natural shape. After using it by ourself extensively we thought it might be of interest to other people like you.

Like mentioned Office Open XML Cruncher allows you to reduce your Office Open XML files size while maintaining their natural look and feel. You can save a lot of megabytes by just processing your document with the Office Open XML Cruncher while loosing basically no information.

It does so by analysing the document, re-packaging it and additionally reducing all found .png and .jpg pictures losslessly.


More, if you feel confortable, for the most agressive file reduction you can also chose a lossy reduction of .jpg files. A compression rate cannot be guaranteed and by using this software you agree to it, but tests showed that the average reduction rate is easily between 15% to 25%, in some cases reaching up to 50% of the original document size if the document was not crunched before.

Benefits are:

- Reduce document file size by average 15%-25% (if original is uncompressed)
- Optimizes your document png and jpg images lossless and saves you a lot of work doing it manually
- Maintain natural file format look and feel for easy exchange 
- If needed, still compressable with 3rd party tools like 7zip, rar, zip etc.
- Get your documents through your mailbox limit without the need of 3rd party de-compressor software
- Great for using your documents with mobile devices. This will save you literally for every byte a penny.

Please be aware that crunching and analysing takes some time depending on the speed of your client machine.

Now lets get ready to crunch! Try it out by downloading the trial version or get a license!




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